About Us

Beautiful Affordable homes

Building homes is what we do and we are proud of the care and quality that goes into each and every one.  We also know from our experience what people really like about the homes we build and we use that knowledge to continually improve and enhance what we offer our customers.

Behind the instant kerb appeal there is a structure that meets the highest professional standards and the beautifully proportioned rooms are impeccably finished and decorated.  Importantly, every detail is checked and inspected before the keys are handed over to the new customer. 

If you decide to buy a home from us we’ll help you in any way we can.  We can provide help and advice if required.  We keep you informed as your new home is being built and get you involved at the appropriate time to add the personal touch; your kitchen, your tiles, your flooring.

When you get your keys, we’ll organise a meeting to go over all the important, practical information about how your home works and we will provide full instructions for everything.  We will leave you in peace to enjoy your new home. However, we won’t go away and are on hand for as long as you need us; that’s the kind of relationship we like.

Clay Building Materials 

With the Rwandan housing market under pressure to meet the demand for affordable homes, our clay building materials factory manufactures clay bricks of different sizes and shapes and other clay building products to cater to the needs of a wide range of clientele in Rwanda. 

We use our knowledge founded upon a rich heritage in clay brick manufacture to meet the needs of modern methods of construction.

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